Budweiser launches a NFT racing game


In our previous post, we had talked about how Budweiser entered into the NFT space with the purchase of the spot-on domain Beer.eth. The company sought to establish the company’s branding in the upcoming blockchain space. The company has delved further into decentralised branding with the launch of a new NFT Racing game.  Budweiser in association with popular NFT Digital Horse Racing firm...

KPMG’s purchase of a NFT and a new Ethereum Domain Name


KPMG Canada is a Global Accounting Firm. It provides Audit, Tax, and Advisory services and is a Canadian Leader in it. The company has recently invested in two crypto assets. One is an NFT while the other is an Ethereum Domain Name. The company has purchased a World of Women #2681 NFT. It is a picture of a woman who is blue in colour and has maroon wavy hair. She is wearing a half black, half...

Eminem has bought half-a-million dollar NFT


Begin 2022 and even Eminem has bought a NFT. Yes, Eminem has joined the frenzy. The iconic rapper has bought Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #9055. Eminem has bought the NFT for a price of 123.45 Ethereum. This was equivalent to $453,000 at the time of purchase. OpenSea sold the NFT, and has also created a new name for the buyer. The NFT is mentioned to be owned by Shady_Holdings. A nod to the...

World’s first SMS sold as a NFT


Vodafone has sold World’s first SMS to be sent. They were sold at a Paris Auction House called Aguttes Auction House, as reported by Deutsche Welle. The Auction fetched €107, 000 which is equal to a whooping $121, 000. World’s first SMS was sent on 3rd December, 1992. It’s been almost 3 decades since! What’s even more exciting is the content of the text. The text was a...

Quick.com to launch new domain name marketplace


Quick.com has announced that it is going to start a new marketplace for domain names. The marketplace will be opened by next year, and will only accept Ethereum.  The marketplace is not not limited to conventional domain names. It includes a blockchain domain name marketplace, a NFT marketplace as well as a Metaverse marketplace. In this marketplace, sellers can sell their items which can be...

Trump’s controversial NFT priced around $ 1 Mil


Donald Trump and controversy have an unusual liking for each other. The controversy was with him when wasn’t the President, was of course associated with him during his Presidency and is in no mood of leaving him while he’s off the top executive post.  Creatd is an IT company that works around artworks. OG Gallery, a subsidiary of Creatd has created a storm after it dropped a NFT...

Someone just offered $9.5 Million for a NFT depicting a cartoon


The NFT craze never seems to stop being astonishing. Everytime everyone thinks they’ve seen it all, comes another event more magnificent than the previous one.  A report by BeingCryoto states that someone just offered $9.5 Million for a NFT. Now, even by underplaying the recent NFT Craze, an offer of close to $10 Million is extravagant by all measures! The NFT that was sought after was...

OpenSea.com up for sale?


Sedo is conducting its GreatDomains Auction. There are a multitude of great domain names available to bid upon, but one domain name is just unbelievable to see. Yes, the domain name OpenSea.com, is up for auction!  OpenSea is an NFT buying and selling platform. And it is not just a NFT platform, it is the NFT platform. With a 35% market share, it is the biggest player in the industry right...

Would you buy a string of Emojis for thousands of dollars?


As of 31/07/2021 The craze for NFTs is not over yet. The online trend of buying digital assets seemed a bit overwhelming to many. Well, if you are one of them then hold your horses, for the cyberworld is abuzz with yet another new trend.  Recently, many people have been buying uniquely assigned strings of Emojis. People are ready to shed thousands of bucks for their Unique Emojis. As...

Would you buy a Domain Name Extension as NFT?


As of 02/04/2021 The trend of NFT has gripped everyone around the world. From blogs to vlogs to memes to even Saturday Night Live, everyone has been buzzing about this new phenomenon. But this new sensation, that had been originally intended to cater to Digital Art sector has entered the Domain Name Market arena as well. As reported by Morgan Linton Uni, previously known as Uniregistry, is going...

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