Swiss court upholds ban on foreign gambling domain names

Gambling, especially online gambling is getting more and more into the mainstream nowadays. The Government all across are loosening their grip on Gambling Companies owing to the amounts of profits the government receives. 

However, among this dangerous general trend, the move by the Swiss government comes as a breath of fresh air. The Government has already put in place several measures to tackle a potential menace to society. The Government has barred non-Swiss entities from carrying out their activities in their country. 

However, few companies were getting restless with the ban and entered into the courts to circumvent it. The companies involved in this case include Malta-based Interwetten International Ltd, Videoslots Ltd, bet-at-home Entertainment Ltd, and Lopoca Gaming Ltd. However, all these companies had to face defeat as the Courts upheld the order as well. 

This is a welcome sign from the Swiss government. Online gambling has a higher tendency to be addictive in nature. To tackle this just displaying a Disclaimer won’t do the tricks. There should be in-built mechanisms that prevent a user from getting addicted to. 

However, here comes the problem. A profit making gambling company doesn’t have any incentive to prevent gaming addiction. However, incentive regarding the continuance of addiction is high, as there are obvious financial benefits associated with it. 

In such situations the indulgence of the state is indispensable. There is also the case that foreign companies don’t pay tax in Sweden. Swiss authorities want only those companies that pay tax here. 

You can read the court order here.


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