Supreme Court of Jamaica decides against the European Defendant

The Supreme Court of Jamaica received a dispute regarding the domain name The Complaint hailed from Jamaica while the Respondent was a Lithuanian entity. 

The Complainant was Yello Media Group. The Company was earlier known as Yellow Pages before it rebranded to the current name in 2018. The Complaint claimed that the Respondent indulged into three broad activities to mislead people. Registration of the aforementioned domain name, advertisement on the said domain as well as usage of the ‘Yello’ mark. 

The Complainant is functioning in the Caribbean Islands region and also operates in Jamaica. It has also obtained rights for the mark in Jamaica. The Respondent was Global Business Directory Sole Proprietorship (GBD). The Respondent didn’t present its defense. 

A default judgment was granted by the Court based on unresponsiveness of the Response. The Respondent was ordered to assign the disputed domain name to the Complainant and also barred from using the ‘Yelo’ mark without the Complainant’s approval.


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