Spokane County is now Sports County USA


Spokane County has changed its name. The county will now be known as Sports County USA. The county rechristened itself after the county commissioners passed the resolution to rename it. The people from the county said the new name is apt for the national level sports environment in the county.

The county commissioner has said it has purchased a domain name. However, the exact domain name wasn’t announced. While investigating I checked the website for the domain name SportsCountyUSA.com, but there wasn’t any website up on it. The domain name was parked free. However, a WhoIs lookup cleared things a bit. A WhoIs lookup at the domain name SportsCountyUSA.com showed that the domain name was registered on 13th of December this year. Most probably this would be the County’s new domain name.

Sports County USA, erstwhile Spokane County is a county in the US State of Washington. The county claims to have sports facilities that would not be found in any other county. The new name would also be a major branding stint for the county as well.

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