South Africa’s Internet Revolution: New Domain Names, From .joburg to .braai

Have you ever thought about domain names that go beyond the familiar .com or .org? Well, South Africa is on the brink of an exciting internet revolution, thanks to a new initiative by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). In a nutshell, this initiative is all about introducing a wider range of internet domains, including some rather imaginative options.

The Big Picture

Currently, the most common internet domain in South Africa is It’s like a digital home address for local websites and businesses. However, ICANN’s new project aims to change the game. This expansion of internet domain options is set to bring forth a variety of fresh, innovative, and, frankly, fun domain names, such as .joburg, .capetown, .durban, .braai, .springboks, .sixty60, .bathong, and .sê – a far cry from the usual suspects.

The New Kids on the Block

In the pipeline are Generic Top Level Domain Names (gTLDs) that could open up a world of possibilities for South Africans. These new domains will break free from the traditional .com mold, allowing individuals and businesses to create distinct and memorable online identities. Imagine web addresses like .springboks for sports enthusiasts or .braai for barbecue aficionados – these domains are tailor-made to reflect South Africa’s unique culture.

The Who, What, and When

But when can we expect these new domains to become available? Well, the process is still in its early stages. ICANN is preparing the groundwork, and the actual rollout is anticipated in two to three years. For now, it’s all about getting the ball rolling and making sure everything’s in order.

Why the Change?

ICANN’s goal with this initiative is to make the internet more inclusive and accessible to everyone, irrespective of their cultural and linguistic background. Currently, most domain names use Latin-based scripts, like English. However, ICANN recognizes that this leaves out a vast portion of the global population who don’t speak English as their native language.

So, ICANN is making it easier for people to use the internet in their local languages and scripts. This includes Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, and more. In essence, it’s about breaking down language barriers and creating a more diverse and inclusive online world.

The Road Ahead

Getting these new domains up and running isn’t as simple as picking a catchy name. ICANN has a detailed set of requirements for approval. This ensures that the new domains meet technical and business standards, providing a secure and stable online environment.

Universal Acceptance

One crucial aspect of this initiative is something called Universal Acceptance. In essence, it’s a technical requirement to ensure that all valid domain names and email addresses are recognized and usable by all internet applications and systems. This means that your new, creative domain name should work seamlessly across the internet.

What’s Next for South Africa?

Once the rollout begins, South Africans will have the opportunity to register new domain names that are longer than the traditional three letters. These new gTLDs will allow businesses, communities, and individuals to reflect their unique culture, language, and values online.

Inclusivity and Cultural Identity

ICANN’s initiative is more than just expanding domain options; it’s about ensuring that the internet resonates with different cultures, traditions, and societal norms. This means the potential inclusion of some South African languages and a broader representation of the country’s rich cultural tapestry on the global internet stage.

The Takeaway

While the new domains might be exciting, their success will depend on how well they address universal acceptance and whether there’s sufficient demand for these novel options. But if all goes according to plan, South Africa’s online landscape is about to become more diverse, inclusive, and filled with unique online identities.

So, stay tuned for the future of South Africa’s internet – one where your online presence can be as creative and distinctive as you are. Whether you’re a .braai enthusiast or a .springboks fan, the internet’s about to get a whole lot more interesting!


  1. Zoe Martin Avatar

    South Africa’s online scene is evolving! New domains will spice up your digital identity—whether you’re a .braai lover or .springboks fanatic. Brace yourself for a more exciting internet where your online presence reflects your creativity! 🌐✨

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