Someone just offered $9.5 Million for a NFT depicting a cartoon

The NFT craze never seems to stop being astonishing. Everytime everyone thinks they’ve seen it all, comes another event more magnificent than the previous one. 

A report by BeingCryoto states that someone just offered $9.5 Million for a NFT. Now, even by underplaying the recent NFT Craze, an offer of close to $10 Million is extravagant by all measures!

The NFT that was sought after was a digital art work Cryptopunk #6046. Now, if you are thinking this must be some masterpiece by a celebrated artist, then hold your horses. The NFT is a pixelated drawing that seems like a cartoon. The NFT depicts a person with 3-D glasses smoking a cigarette. Yupp $9.5 Million for that! 

And just in case you think, you had it all, bear me some further. The owner of the above-mentioned NFT actually declined the offer. Yupp, you heard that right. The reasons stated by him were that the NFT was inseparable with his brand and personal presence.

Now, that is actually magnificent, to say the least!


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