Singapore blocks 99 domain names

Illicit domain names and the havoc they create have all of us worried. Billions of dollars are wasted every year. However, the actions by the government authorities and the seriousness with which the focus has been on fraudulent domain names has been unparalleled. Especially after the pandemic. Government institutions are actively taking part to combat this nuisance. Recent addition to the list is the Singapore High Court blocking more than 99 domain names.

These domain names were free streaming pirated content related to sports and Korean drama. These domain names were linked to 30 different websites which included 123Movies, KissAsian and SportsBay. The companies that were affected by this brand infringement and spoofing include BBC Studios, Discovery Communications, LaLiga, English Premier League and TVB International. The decision was made on the behalf of these companies and the Asia Video Industry Association’s Coalition Against Piracy (CAP).

These domain name blocks are supported by most of the important Internet Service Providers. The reason why Singapore is able to do so, is because of ‘Dynamic Site Blocking’. In this system people who have trademark rights over a name can notify the ISPs about domain names trying to use these trademarks. The ISP then suspends these domain names.

This system of dynamic blocking began in 2018. Earlier this year, the Court had ordered to block  150 different domains. These 99 domain names can join them in the list of blocked domains.

Swift actions on privacy like these instill confidence in us. It makes us believe that frauds and crimes operating online and not neglected and considered in a judicious manner.


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