Shaquille O’Neal switches from Shaq.ETH to Shaq.SOL

It’s difficult to ignore Shaq. The renowned basketball player has a knack of constantly generating ‘Breaking News’ stuff. Shaquille O’Neal, is back again in the limelight thanks to his recent crypto investments as well as advertisements. 

Shaq has changed the name of his Twitter account. The profile earlier sported an ETH name, i.e., Shaq.ETH. The name has been changed to present the Solana name of Shaq.SOL.

SOL is touted to be one of the strongest competitors of ETH. ETH is the World’s largest Dapp and DeFi ecosystem currently. ETH is based on Proof-of-History (PoH) mechanism. This is similar to Bitcoin. However, ETH also employs a time stamp on each transaction, a feature which was missing in Bitcoin. 

Solana in comparison, although relatively new, is many times faster than ETH. ETH currently works at 15 transactions per second, or approximately 13 seconds for every block. In comparison SOL processes a staggering 29,171 transactions per second or takes 2.34 seconds for every block. 

This is a really big transaction speed difference. ETH is aware of it too and is planning to launch a new version called ETH 2.0. The transaction speed of ETH 2.0 is said to be twice than that of SOL. 

However, until the newer version is launched, ETH’s current transaction speed could be worrisome. In this situation SOL presents a clearly better alternative, and people are moving towards it. 

Shaq has been very active in the Crypto and the NFT space. The 7-foot tall giant owns a rare Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT. In fact, the guy had launched his own NFT collection called Shaq Gives Back. 


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