Several UPS related domain names transferred

The Forum came across a case where one party had registered a bunch of domain names with the term UPS in it. The Complainant was claiming that the domain names were registered to benefit from its established goodwill. The Complainant here wasn’t some battery company selling UPSs. It was United Parcel Service of America, Inc.

The Complainant provides transportation services across the US. The Company is an old American company that operates under the primary domain name The company contested that several related domain names were registered. These domain names contained few generic terms along with the term UPS in them. 

The Respondent submitted no response on his side. The panel found this a clear case of Bad Faith use and registration. All the domain names were transferred to the Complainant. Interestingly the Complainant also owns the domain name
Some of the disputed domain names were,, and To know the list of all the domain names and the case in full detail. Click here


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