Second level .tz domain name to be made available

Tanzania has announced the launch of new .tz domain names. Second level domain name registrations under the Top-level domain .tz would begin soon. This wasn’t possible earlier. Earlier, only third level domain names under second level .tz  domains such as,,, etc.

The domain names will be available in 3 phases, starting from 1st of March. In phase 1, Category 1 holders of third level .tz domains, would be given the same name as second level .tz domains. This period will end on 31st of May. Starting from 1st of June, Phase 2 will begin which will include Category 2 holders of third level .tz  domain names. This will continue till the end of June. Beginning from July 1, .tz second level domain name would be available to all.

There must be a confusion regarding the difference between Category 1 and Category 2 holders. Both of them need to have a third-level .tz domain name. However, the difference lies in the timing of registration. If the registration was done before the date of announcement, then Category 1 is awarded. If it is done later, Category 2 is attributed to it. You can read about the guidelines in detail here.

Both the categories are given their respective domain names on a priority basis. However, what happens when a tussle arises over the two Categories over a single domain name? In such a case, Category1 will have a priority over Category 2. You can read about the guidelines in detail here.
tzNIC has gone through some changes. As for the domain name, currently redirects to The domain, when checked for WhoIs show tzNIC in the registrant details.


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