launches a new Domain Appraisal Tool

The premium domain name company at an exquisite domain name itself, has us all excited with their new feature. The domain company has just announced the launch of a new Domain Appraisal tool has launched the features for enterprise level companies as well as domain investors to gauge the value of a domain name. The cool thing about this feature is that it doesn’t just give estimated value of the domain, but different other information as well that will give you an idea as to why the domain name is priced so. 

As for example, regarding a domain name I searched for, I got several other pieces of information other than price. I came to know that the domain was taken and registered at a registrar for large corporations. I came to know that the keyword was short, memorable, registered across 350 domain extensions, and was searched 823,000 times per month. The domain had been registered for 25 years. Based on all these factors the domain name was priced at $1, 558,000.‘s new tool gives accurate and reliable estimations of domain names based on 200 data points. These data points include domain sales, search volume, length, domain name extension, word popularity, and their confidential sales data. 


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