San Juan County’s Website Gets a Digital Fortification for Your Online Security

In a bid to fortify its cybersecurity defenses, San Juan County is undergoing a substantial transformation in its online presence. By December 1, the County’s website will bid farewell to the familiar ‘’ and welcome the more secure This isn’t just a change of name; it’s a robust digital fortification.

Why the Change Matters?

This shift isn’t merely a cosmetic alteration; it’s a strategic move to align with cybersecurity best practices and adhere to new regulations. Tony Harrell, the IT Director, emphasizes that it goes beyond aesthetics. Studies highlight that .gov websites play a crucial role in helping the public distinguish official and trustworthy information sources. The transition to a .gov domain signifies a commitment to online security.

What Users Need to Know: A Seamless Transition

For San Juan County residents and casual internet users, this change signals a pledge to online security. The new domain, is more than an address; it’s a mark of authenticity. It tells users that the County’s website is a trusted space in the digital realm.

Worried about the transition? Fear not. The County’s IT department has ensured that the shift will be seamless. A redirect system will be in place, so even if you type the old URL (‘’), you’ll seamlessly land on the new domain. No disruptions, no need to change your browsing habits.

But it doesn’t stop at website domains. The County is extending this digital makeover to employee emails. Soon, employee email addresses will mirror the new domain—for instance, [email protected]. The IT department has everything under control, including redirects to make sure no email is lost during this transition.

The Human Touch: What Users Can Do

For users who’ve made a habit of bookmarking their favorite pages, a small action is required. Update your bookmarks with the new URL (‘’). It’s a minor change for users but a significant step in enhancing the County’s digital security.

Worried about missing updates during this transition? The redirect system will be active for a year, acting as a safety net for those still adjusting to the new domain.

Why It Matters for San Juan County: A Secure Digital Future

In an age where online security is paramount, San Juan County’s proactive move is commendable. It goes beyond symbolism; the adoption of the .gov domain establishes the County’s commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy online environment for its residents. It’s not just a digital facelift; it’s a stride toward a more secure, more official, and more reliable online era.

So, brace yourselves, San Juan County, for a new chapter in your online presence—one that prioritizes security without sacrificing accessibility. And remember to update those bookmarks for a smooth digital transition!



  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Great to hear that San Juan County’s website is taking proactive steps towards bolstering online security! Safeguarding digital platforms is crucial in today’s tech-driven world, ensuring a safer online experience for residents and visitors alike. Kudos to the efforts taken to fortify the website’s defenses and prioritize cybersecurity.

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