Ruth Sent Us is back on TikTok


Earlier we had reported about a far left group that had released the addresses of the Supreme Court judges online. They invited their supporters to come and gather into a crowd outside the residences of the Judges.

After this incident their TikTok account was said to be ‘permanently banned’. However, the accounts of that group have become active again. TikTok hasn’t released any statement as to why the accounts were blocked and why they were brought back again. 

The group Ruth Sent Us operates at the domain name and gains user reach through different social media handles that includes TikTok. The group had released the locations of Judges which led to a mob gathering outside the homes of Judges. 

The group calls it a form of protest. They claim that their account was removed because of mass reports. Following the ban, mass appeals were also submitted in support of the group. The group says that the appeals were more than reports and hence the account was revoked. 

The group has been extremely critical of the Church and the Conservatives. It has brought demonstrators to disrupt masses and even threatened to burn the Eucharist.


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  • There are no indications whether Ruth Sent Us is a registered business or a registered non-profit or whether it has an official fiscal sponsor. And to gain such a massive support for an entity like that is something to ponder about. I guess, this is what people mean when they say social media is getting too strong for the humankind’s good.

  • “Ruth Sent Us” was a slogan used in the wake of the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a strong backer of abortion rights. A periodical search indicates that the phrase was first reported in a September 2020 protest outside then-Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home, when the Senate was proceeding with the confirmation of Justice Amy Comey Barrett.
    Pro-abortion rights women’s marches used the phrase in October of that year. One year later, the Women’s March of South Florida used “Ruth Sent Us” as the theme for its October 2021 protests.

  • The group’s actions and statements are highly concerning and dangerous, as it incites violence and harassment towards the judges and their families. The fact that their TikTok account was temporarily banned and then restored without any explanation from TikTok is also concerning, as it raises questions about the platform’s ability to effectively moderate and enforce their community guidelines. It’s important for social media platforms to take a strong stance against such groups that incite violence and hate speech, and ensure the safety and security of all users.

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