Roofvertising, the new trend in branding

What is branding? In a very simplistic way, branding is something that makes your products and services visible to the buyer. Among an ocean of choices, branding is that differentiating factor that makes the customer choose you over them all. 

Branding has an undeniable linkage with the contemporary issues of the world. Prevailing notions of the World dictate the branding strategies of entities. An interesting addition to this continuous cycle of changes and innovations, is the new concept of ‘roofvertising’. 

Sometimes ago it was not unusual for companies to post large logos of their brands near airports. During take off or landing, the brand would be visible from the sky and since flight travel is the most preferable mode of transport for the business elite, this was a strategic branding move. However, the trend slowed down a little. But the trend is picking up again, thanks to the solar power revolution. 

The biggest critic of this kind of branding earlier was the misuse of the land. The bigger the logo, the bigger the criticism. However, this issue would be smartly tackled through the new branding measures. 

As climate change is becoming an engaging topic worldwide, national governments and businesses are orienting themselves to the issue. The meteoric success of Tesla and Elon Musk is a testimony to that. The companies are beginning to install more and more solar panels to decrease their reliance on non renewable energy. This installation also provided a window of branding. 

Since solar panels are installed on a large area, companies thought why not project the company’s logo on top of it. This will make the brand visible. Literally. On top of that there are no limitations on the size of the logo. Since, they are all solar panels, an extravagance in logo size, would also be deemed as beneficial to human beings. Thus removing the erstwhile scrutiny. 
Numerous companies have joined the bandwagon of ‘roofvertising’. This includes obviously Tesla. There is also a giant X atop SpaceX’s building.There are also talks going around Elon creating a parent organization to see all his companies, touted to be named X Holdings. The ‘X’ over SpaceX could come in handy when this frutifies. Disney has joined this branding by displaying a large Mickey Mouse face. Comcast too has projected its logo on a floating platform over an artificial lake.


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    Larry Colt

    This article highlights the evolving concept of branding and the creative ways companies are finding to reach their target audience. The trend of “roofvertising” is a prime example of how companies are adapting to the changing landscape and incorporating environmental concerns into their branding strategies. The use of solar panels to project company logos is a unique way to create visibility and reach a wider audience. This trend is attracting big names like Tesla, SpaceX, Disney, and Comcast, among others. For domain sellers, this is an opportunity to keep up with the latest trends and offer unique domain names that align with the new branding strategies of companies.

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