Respondent requests domain transfer and personal detail redaction

Securian Financial Group, Inc. is an American company providing financial security to a user base of over 15 million. The company has been serving clients since 1880. The Company has an estimated 64 billion dollars in assets. 

The Company was concerned about the registration and use of a domain name that infringed upon its right. The domain name in concern here was The Company thus filed a Complaint over the domain name at Forum. 

The Complainant had claims right over the SECURIAN mark through its usage since 2002. The domain name was registered in December 2020 and allowed PPC advertisements on it at one time. 

The Respondent, itself demanded that the domain name in question be transferred to the Complainant. The Respondent along with it also asked for the redaction of its personal information. 

The panel noted that as it cannot give relief more than what was asked or lesser than what was sought, it has no option but to transfer the domain name to the Complainant. 

The panel also held a discussion as to when redaction on Personal Information should be allowed and when not. The panel noted that there are cases when the Complainant would need Respondent’s personal information to investigate a pattern in its trademark infringement. However, there is also a global concern regarding the privacy issues. Regarding the present case on its merits, the Panel allowed redaction to the Respondent. 

You can read the full case here.


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