Red Sift’s new brand protection tool: OnDomain

With the phishing domain swarm percolating through the Cyber security defenses continues, brand security is a legitimate concern. In view of this larger issue, Red Sift, a cybersecurity company has launched an additional tool on its range of brand protection of services: OnDomain. 

Businesses are always vulnerable to malicious domain names and need a tool to assist them in filtering these domain names. OnDomain aims at being that tool. OnDomain continuously analyzes the 150 million strong domain name base and filters the domain names that seem malicious. 

The advantage of this tool is the dual benefit that comes along with it. Along with the flagging counterfeit domain names, the tool also protects your brand. The tool does it by defending the ‘shadow IT’ of a firm. Shadow IT refers to those domain names that are created and used beyond the purview of the IT branch. This could be a side domain used for a Marketing Campaign, Hiring Functions, etc. These domain names are vulnerable as these are not provided the same security as those under the watch of the IT department. OnDomain also covers and protects these domain names. 

Red Sift is the only company that provides the double function of integrated cloud email security and brand protection. The company has added the OnDomain tool on top of other tools like OnINBOX and OnDMARC. OnINBOX assists users in automated supply chain analysis while OnDMARC provides a detailed list of current domain names held by a company. 


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