Rational behind domain name change of this Chinese public platform

China’s growth among the biggest powerhouses of the world has been very rapid. The overwhelmingly high growth, through a sustained period of time, also brought one unfavorable thing: pollution

Recently, the Chinese government changed the domain name of a public platform meant to ease pollution levels. The domain name that was changed was bjhjyd.gov.cn. This website belongs to a car lottery system in Bangkok

Car lottery system references to a lottery system that regulates which car can run on Beijing streets. This system was employed after a boom in the number of cars in the capital city of China. This huge surge in cars led to congestion and very high levels of pollution

The term bjhjyd means ‘Beijing to ease congestion‘. Although this might seem a fit for the name, it has been changed. The reason behind is the apparent absence of the term Beijing in the name. Considering the domain name’s purpose is specific to the city, the omission of the name seemed undesirable. Hence, a new name was opted. 

The new platform goes by xkczb.jtw.beijing.gov.cn. The xkczb is short for  ‘Mini Passenger Car Index‘. While the term jtw references the ‘Transport Commission‘. Moreover, the term clearly mentions Beijing. Thus providing the specificity that the former name was lacking. 

Read the full report here. https://inf.news/en/auto/e0f556a3ddb6d33be4d8f6f141fde0c4.html


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