Radix’s unique branding to promote .tech TLD

Radix is an interesting new take on the popular gTLDs. The company hopes to replace the age-old, boring gTLDs with the TLDs for the new ages which it calls ‘new TLD’, or nTLD. 

The company has also been quite successful in its vision, by showing a continued growth. In the industry where there are hundreds of different extensions available for the consumer, how is Radix holding its ground and identity?

Radix just launched the second edition of its branding event named Break the Code. It is a challenge where there are different interesting puzzles and ciphers. The campaign is organized at the strategic domain name BreakTheCode.tech. The platform attracts further attention because of its ambience. The website is designed to mimic the old Windows 98 theme. 

The branding event was organised for the sole purpose of promoting the .tech TLD. It is visible on the website as well where instead of mentioning Radix’s name, there is a mention only of ‘.tech domains’. The event wasn’t aimed at popularising the Radix, but the force was to promote the product, i.e., .tech domains. 

Radix has this differentiating approach where they don’t generalise the marketing of all of its products. Rather it is very specific about its products. Each of the TLDs under its gambit is taken separately and campaigns are planned differently and uniquely to each extension. 

This special emphasis on its distinctive branding has been the thruster that has pushed the new Top level domain company. Here’s something that many in the industry can learn from. 


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