PrimeWire shifts between domain names, banned still

The Judiciary’s hammer is hitting hard on Piracy domain names. Netflix along with other popular studio houses are one by one taking down major piracy platforms. Joining the list of schooled domain names is PrimeWire. 

PrimeWire is one of the popular piracy streaming websites online. The platform came under judicial radar when Netflix and other studio houses reached court against it

The defendant has used different domain names to defend its piracy platform. The domain name used by it until December was The defendant then launched a new platform After the launch of the new .tf domain name, the platform removed all links to piracy content and promised to generate a filter mechanism against such content. After some time two other domain names: and, began redirecting to the domain

The Court however ordered in a permanent injunction the seizure of all the domain names related to the platform. The defendant had removed privacy content on the platform to protect itself from suspension. While the Court admitted when someone removes the content, the Court should refrain from suspending these domain names. However, that provision also necessitated that the defendant should abstain from such activities again in the future. This important technicality was not fulfilled as the defendant wasn’t even present during the trial. The domain names were thus canceled. 

The platform was losing traffic since it brought down the piracy content. Also the platform isn’t completely down yet. A Google search would render you a list of domain names claiming to be related to PrimeWire. However, this might also be the case that the domain names in the search results don’t belong to the PrimeWire but to someone else who is using the popularity of the platform to gain some clicks.


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