Popular adult websites to be banned in France

France is about to take some strict measures against the 5 most popular porn websites. A government authority will request the court to ban popular adult websites Pornhub, XHamsterXVideos, XNXX and Tukif for failing to introduce sufficient measures to prevent underage children from viewing their content.

The problem is that currently the only filter while viewing such type of content, is the dialog box that pops up, asking if you are an adult or not. Checking Yes would directly lead you to the contents of the website without verifying the credibility of the input. The French government wants some sort of identity verification system requiring some identity proof documents.

The argument from the adult websites is also compelling. They contest that implementing such a system would require some identity documentation, which will be a direct violation of the privacy of the visitors. They also present their steps that ensure the safety and well-being of people involved in the profession.


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