Playboy enters spirit market, launches Playboy Spirits

Playboy, the bringer of the ‘coming-of-age’ for a huge number of people, has brought something new for us all. The popular lifestyle brand has now ventured into the multi billion Spirits industry with the launch of Playboy Spirits. 

Yes, you heard that right. You can now enjoy your glass of drink mixed with a Playboy spirit. The company marked the launch with the announcement of a limited new product: Red Hare 1953.

Red Hare 1953 is a Bourbon distilled for 17 long years. The 1953 in the name signifies the year in which Playboy was started. Playboy Spirits will launch the Bourbon initially in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. 1953 bottles would be sold in the US, while another 1953 bottles will be available in Europe and the Asia Pacific. 

Playboy’s new venture has excited everyone. There is a keen excitement for the product of the loved brand. The brand is not just another lifestyle brand. The brand associates with it a strong sense of nostalgia. The brand has an emotional connection with an audience. 

The launch of a spirits brand would likely strengthen that bond. People can meet, have a glass of a Rare Hare 1953 and discuss and have a laugh at their old stories and stupidities.

The brand has a 500 billion dollars for the taking. Let’s see how the rabbit performs here.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    US-based Playboy Spirits has raised more than US$13 million in funding to accelerate the growth of its limited edition products. Playboy Spirits is a joint venture between Plby Group, the owner of Playboy magazine, and XL Ventures, an affiliate of alcohol beverage group Spirits Investment Partners (Sip). The capital, raised from a private investor, will fund the operations of Playboy Spirits. It will also be used to buy rare aged spirits, which will be released under the joint venture’s Rare Hare brand.

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