PlantX to acquire

PlantX, a novel plant-based product company has announced that it will acquire the domain name The company has acquired the domain name to assist its growing portfolio of companies, all based around plant related products.

This acquisition of is unique, considering the high value associated with the domain name. There has been a full fledged company Vegan Essentials operating on this domain name since 1997. The company was termed as the one stop place to access all vegan requirements. At one point it served more than 2000 different products through its platform.

The age of the domain adds another layer to the value to it as well. PlantX along with Veji Holdings Ltd. has jointly acquired the domain name and all the related intellectual property rights associated with it, at a price of $675,000. This amount has to be paid in cash or shares.

PlantX is an ambitious entity with the North American market in its focus. The company has been marketing aggressively in the USA and Canada. It has even launched its presence in Chicago with Brick and Mortar.

PlantX boasts a range of over 5000 plant products. Its repository of plant associated brands is expected to be enriched with this acquisition. The newly acquired domain name would also provide it with ample digital marketing opportunities.

The deal is supposed to be finalized by mid October.


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