Philanthropy Women is looking to rebrand and asking users for the perfect Domain Name


Rebranding is a pretty tough affair to do. You are not just changing the name but also the identity of the company. Not to mention the related paperworks. Addition to these tasks, is the prior picking up of the new name’s corresponding domain name

Philanthropy Women is an organization that intends to champion Women Empowerment through the philanthropic support of feminist women. The organization currently works on the exact domain name of The organization however is looking to rebrand and is trying to pick the perfect name for this

The organization on its website has posted a list of domain names that it currently owns and has asked users to suggest which domain name and hence the rebranded name they should go for. Their list includes,,,,,,, etc.

The organization is primarily a philanthropic one. But it is also looking to create art related to Women and Feminism. Thus, it’s favorite choice is The fact that it owns both the .org and .com extension of the name also helps. 

The company still wants to know what everyone thinks and is open for suggestions. Well, what do you think the new name should be?

By The Wizard

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