PepsiCo gears up for ‘the new normal’ with and

From individuals to conglomerates Covid-19 has impacted everyone to the core. With face masks, sanitizers and self-quarantine becoming a norm for the people, business giants are too looking to adapt to the ‘new normal’. PepsiCo is too looking to ride the tide of the virus. With all the retail shops and marts closed, it has launched two new websites: and . Both of them aims at providing online shopping of PepsiCo’s products. provides a range of products bundled into kits. Some of these kits are Everyday Pantry, Rise and Shine, Hydration, Protein, Workout and Recovery, etc. is launched by FritoLay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. You have to provide your Zip code here. 

PepsiCo has been one of the few companies that has gained during this epidemic. Panic buying of its products led to a surge of 10%. However it wanted a strong foothold into the future and hence launched these two websites with premium dotcoms. Considering that until a vaccine comes up quarantine is going to stay, PepsiCo has geared up well for the ‘new normal’. 


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