PepsiCo drops the term ‘Rise’ from its drinks

PepsiCo had to shed the term ‘Rise‘ from its Mountain Dew drinks after it lost a legal battle. PepsiCo will discontinue its product that goes by the name ‘Mtn Dew Rise Energy drink‘. 

PepsiCo was in a legal dispute with Rise Brewing Co.. Rise Brewing Co. argued that PepsiCo’s product infringed upon its trademark. They also contested that people confused the two products with each other and also considered that the two firms are related

Rise Brewing Co. is a Coffee company. It looks a little weird like how people would confuse a Coffee brand over an Energy drink brand, but the Court did think so. 

Following the order PepsiCo would have to shed the name. It is also interesting that PepsiCo owns the domain name I guess the domain name might also suffer the same fate as the brand name. Or not. What do you think? Answer us in the comments.


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