People behind Genshin Impact tease new game through a unique website

The Devs behind the popular video game Genshin Impact are up to something new. HoYoverse, the company behind the game has announced the launch of a new game called Zenless Zone Zero. 

However, the interesting thing regarding the new game is its interestingly new and fresh marketing campaign. At the head of this campaign is a cryptic website at the domain name

The website is an 80s based drawing room with a TV at the centre of it. The TV has two buttons that function as a switch to shift between different videos. There are different videos such as in a video of a news report, an animated advertisement showing a fight between a humanoid Tiger and Panda, etc. 

There is also a calendar situated on the left side of the TV. What’s interesting is the date mentioned in the calendar. The calendar shows May 2022 and has 13th May particularly rounded out and highlighted. 

Not only this, the calendar enlarges once you hover it. A feature that hasn’t been accorded to any other item in the display at the platform. This means that the makers of the platform ‘want’ you to see the date. 

The platform also shows some children watching TV on a couch. There is also a clock at the top of the TV. 

So, what’s new about this? We are still in the guessing phase. But the cool marketing campaign of the game is keeping our hopes up!


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