Pakistan Telecommunication Authority issues clarification on centralised DNS

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has issued a clarification setting aside several claims, aiming towards the centralisation of DNS by the authority. This clarification has come after the PTA has announced some changes in the domain name redressal policies. 

PTA had earlier announced about tightening the noose on domain names presenting content deemed illegal by the Government. In order to do so PTA needed a fast domain name control system. 

PTA, erstwhile used to submit requests to the Internet Service Providers. However the authority made a shift from the prevailing delayed mechanism to a fast automated approach. 

However, after the announcements speculations were raised if the Government is going to centralise the DNS in order to have better control. Owing to these allegations PTA presented clarifications. 

PTA completely denied any centralisation of DNS but rather said that the changes were for an automated process through domain name resolution at ISP stage.The change is going to make domain disputes settlement smooth and efficient. 


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