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Domain name belonging to Pablo Escobar’s city under rivalry


Pablo Escobar is now a worldwide figure, thanks to Narcos. The druglord of Columbia came to the forefront after the release of the popular Netflix series. Along with Escobar, his city Medellin has not left the memory of the viewers.  Forum witnessed a domain name dispute regarding the domain name The Complainant was MedellinLiving LLC, while the Respondent was a private...

Cloudflare outage brings World Wide Web to a standstill


Cloudflare, an American company that manages the external facing resources, such as websites, of companies faced a peculiar problem. A number of its affiliate companies went unreachable today.  We would also like to inform you that all these websites are now back online and the problem behind the outage was sorted. After some time Cloudflare itself came with a very detailed explanation of...

Can the trademarks secure


It is difficult to ascertain how a domain dispute case would be considering the wide range of disputes that arbitration platforms have to mediate. As for example the convention is that if a trademark proceeds the registration of domain name, the trademark holder has an upper hand in such a case. But is it true, everytime?  WIPO witnessed a tussle for the contention of the four lettered...

A domain name revealed Putin’s billion dollar personal backing


A joint effort by the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and Russian news firm Meduza has found something important about Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin. The joint effort found a network of assets related to the Russian head of state, value of which has been calculated to be a staggering £3.7 billion ($4.5 billion). The network consisted of 86 different Companies and Non...

Delhi High Court restrains fake Amazon domain names


Delhi High Court has taken strict action against two domain names that were infringing upon the trademarks of Amazon.The domains were trying to fraud people in the garb of offering a chance to set up Amazon Easy Store.  Two domain names namely and were used to organize the fraudulent campaign. Amazon Easy is a new program by the E-Commerce conglomerate. The...

QAnon, Indus.Gold and Rug Pull


QAnon is a conspiracy theory that says about the presence of a network of cannibalistic pedophiles working in consonance to bring down the erstwhile US President. The conspiracy theory links late president John F Kennedy, Donald Trump, Elon Musk and, if not weird enough already, Aliens!  QAnon could have been like any other conspiracy theory. However, Mashable reported that some people...

Pharma Brands troubled by WTO’s new decision


WTO has announced a new change in its policy ensuring vaccine equity. WTO has announced that certain parts of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) will be waived off. The waiving off the provisions of TRIPS will allow countries to use a patented vaccine without the permission of the patent owner. The country nevertheless does need to pay the patent owner for the usage of...

Environment Org seeks generic domain name on common law trademark


With generic names involved, getting trademark rights over the same is not an easy task. The complexity intensifies further when the generic term involved is a common Surname.  WIPO witnessed a dispute regarding the registration and use of the domain name The Complainant was Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation. The Complainant owns a non-profit organisation aimed at the...

Singapore government proposes new censorship codes for Social media companies


Ever since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, a new debate has ignited. The debate has been around the Freedom of Expression. The argument centers around whether it is fair to suppress the voice of one section of Society or should the practical consequences of an absolute Freedom of speech should be considered.  Now, Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)...

Budweiser launches a NFT racing game


In our previous post, we had talked about how Budweiser entered into the NFT space with the purchase of the spot-on domain Beer.eth. The company sought to establish the company’s branding in the upcoming blockchain space. The company has delved further into decentralised branding with the launch of a new NFT Racing game.  Budweiser in association with popular NFT Digital Horse Racing firm...

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