Bombay High Court Shields Tata-Owned Trent Limited in ZUDIO Domain Name Dispute

In a recent legal twist, the Bombay High Court extended protection to Tata-owned retail giant Trent Limited against the unauthorized use of its registered trademark ‘ZUDIO.’ This domain name dispute involves entities like allegedly infringing on Trent’s intellectual property. Let’s delve into the court’s decisions and the complexities of protecting domain names.


Trent Limited, a Tata subsidiary, sought legal intervention, alleging that entities, including, were exploiting its ‘ZUDIO’ mark and associated artwork. The court, led by Justice RI Chagla, acknowledged Trent’s urgency in the matter, granting an initial order on November 2 without hearing the defendants.

Trademark Strength:

The court, upon reviewing submitted documents, recognized Trent’s strong case, emphasizing the distinctiveness and substantial goodwill associated with the ‘ZUDIO’ trademark. The urgency led to the court’s initial protection order, which was later extended due to non-compliance by the defendants.

Legal Actions and Domain Suspension:

To unveil the identity of the infringing party, the court directed Tucows Domain Inc., the domain registrar, to submit a disclosure affidavit. Simultaneously, the registrar was instructed to suspend the domain name and associated website until a final decision was reached in the lawsuit. This dual approach aimed at both uncovering the culprits and preventing further misuse of the domain.

Fraudulent Activities:

Trent’s claims extended beyond trademark infringement, accusing the defendants of impersonating Trent, falsely presenting themselves as employees or associates, and engaging in deceptive activities. This included luring individuals with false promises of ZUDIO franchise opportunities and unlawfully collecting funds in Trent’s name.

Extended Relief and Compliance:

Despite the initial protection order being effective until December 18, Trent informed the court of non-compliance by the defendants. Consequently, the relief was extended, highlighting the court’s commitment to ensuring the enforcement of its injunction. Court receivers were appointed to oversee compliance across various domains, underscoring the seriousness of the court’s directives.


The Bombay High Court’s actions underscore the challenges companies face in safeguarding their domain names and trademarks in the digital landscape. This case serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the importance of swift legal responses to protect brands from unauthorized use. As the legal battle unfolds, it showcases the evolving nature of domain name disputes and the proactive measures necessary to preserve a company’s digital identity.



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