Latest stories sold for $15 million!


The domain name industry finally has something to rejoice upon. It has been reported that the domain name has been sold for $15 million. With this multi-million dollar deal, the domain name has become the second highest publicly reported domain sale till date. Second only to The name of the buyer of the domain name hasn’t been announced yet. But we know that the buyer has some...

Delhi High Court’s important direction to Domain Name Registries


Earlier, we had informed about how the Delhi High Court had instructed Domain Name Registries (DNR) to cancel any domain name related to the trademark Meesho. The Court has presented a similar stance against another brand infringement via the deployment of domain names in cases related to the brand Snapdeal. The Delhi High Court was presented with a case where a number of domain names had been...

Ahead of general allocation of .au, accountants warn users


The Australian domain space for .au is going to open for the general public on 20th September. This means that anyone wishing to register a .au domain name can do so, on a First Come First Serve basis. Ahead of the general allocation of names, the accountants association of Australia has warned users of the domain space. The general manager of technical policy at Institute of Public Accountants...

CentralNIC bags registry rights for .gl ccTLD


CentralNIC is on a high. The company is expecting a brilliant First Half of 2022 and now the company has signed yet another brilliant agreement. The London based company has signed an agreement with Tusass A/S. The agreement gives CentralNIC registry rights for the ccTLD of Greenland .gl. Tusass A/S is one of the oldest and biggest telecommunications companies in Greenland. The company also...

Domain name of one of the Oldest LINUX OS impersonated


Debian is a free open-source LINUX based Operating System. It is the oldest OS that is based on the monolithic LINUX kernel and has been in operation since 1993. There is a huge number of open source applications that can be run on this OS with varying operations that include domestic, business, manufacturing, etc. The OS faced a peculiar problem when one of the domain names related to it was...

Domain Names spoofing Meesho gains High Court’s attention


Domain name spoofing is not something new. It’s something that is pretty common, however most of the time the scope of the case remains contracted to the case itself. But this time the High Court has looked into the issue through a wider lens. Meesho is an online shopping platform that has shown remarkable growth in the last few years. The Indian startup has gained major fundings from the likes...

Major Crypto Domain Name investor loses $150,000 over a joke


“What’s the Most You’ve Ever Lost on a Coin Toss?”. The popular dialogue by the Coen brothers, from the classic movie ‘No Country for Old men’ is perhaps the most appropriate metaphor to demonstrate this crazy story regarding a peculiar domain name transaction. A major crypto investor has lost over $150K over a joke surrounding an Ethereum Domain Name. The guy in question here is...

Highlights of .me in the first half of 2022


.me published its figures for the first half of 2022. The figures published give an overall view of the state of health of this short TLD. The report doesn’t discuss the entirety of .me domains but focuses primarily on the Premium Domain Name sales figures. A total of 41 Premium .me domain names were registered in the first half of 2022. These domains bagged an aggregate of $319064 (€313000)...

The most valuable Crypto Domain Names


The internet is in a transition between the old to the new. Decentralised Web is the future and it is affecting the skeleton of the internet itself. Traditional domain names are now facing an increasingly growing competition from the Crypto domain names. Crypto domain names haven’t yet reached the acceptability and brand value that the conventional domain names have achieved, however the...

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