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Tesla acquires two beer related trademarks


Tesla plans on yet another exciting product. No, it is not something super techie or straight from a Sci-fi movie. It is as simple as a bottle of beer!  A report by Teslarati, claims that Tesla has acquired two beer related trademarks. These include ‘Giga Beer‘ and ‘Giga Bier‘. These trademarks include the term Giga. It is important to mention here the outlandish Giga...

What are the proposed changes in .se and .nu registration?


The Swedish Internet Foundation has made some changes in the process of registration of .se and .nu domain names. A report by stated that the changes will come into effect from 1st of November.  Regarding the .se registration, a personal Identification number or a business registration number is required for people belonging to regions outside of Sweden. Also with cases related to .se...

EURid gets an extension of 5 years over .eu


The European Commission has announced the name of the registry manager of .eu TLD for the next 5 years. The commission has again chosen EURid to manage the extension. A job that it has been performing since a long time and will continue till October 2027. .eu is the ccTLD of the European Union. The popular extension has been sponsored by the European Commission, the executive branch of the Union...

Trump’s domain name hacked, defaced with Quranic verse


Former POTUS and businessman Donald Trump hasn’t had much to cheer about in recent times. From losing the presidency to the impeachment process to the Capitol riots, things aren’t going well for him. Amid this, Trump faced another blow.  Some hackers hacked the domain name Not only did they hack the system, they also left a note which is from the Quran. The...

FIBA teams up with GoDaddy to push .basketball TLD


Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA), commonly known as the  International Basketball Federation in English, has announced a partnership with GoDaddy. The teaming up has been to promote the extension .basketball. FIBA along with LLC has joined hands with GoDaddy. FIBA aims to make the .basketball domain accessible to everyone. Hence,the world’s most popular...

Kingdom of Bahrain initiates .bh registry


The Globe of digital equality is expanding. We see cyberspace getting more and more inclusive as people from every corner of the globe embrace it. Today, we have another happy news from the Kingdom of Bahrain.  The Kingdom of Bahrain has started a new registry for the .bh domain. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority would be responsible for managing and regulating the TLD. The .bh...

Texas county drops ‘us’ from their domain name


Texas has recently been at the center of US politics. The step to prohibit abortion has came in a conflict with the White House. News has been that President Biden might approach the Supreme Court regarding this pro life step.  Amid this another development was seen. Gregg County is a county in the Eastern Texas. A report by Longview News-Journal, has stated that the county is going to change its...

100th dispute resolution case of .cn and .中国 for WIPO


As of 09/09/2021 WIPO, in a post announced that it has received the 100th case for dispute resolution of TLDs .cn and .中国. Although there are numerous domain extensions under WIPO, these extensions have their own significance.  .cn and .中国 are Chinese ccTLDs, and are in fact quite popular worldwide. Considering the rise of Chinese business firms as the global juggernauts, the country’s...

ælf switches to this spectacular new domain name


As of 09/09/2021 aelf, stylised as ælf, is a blockchain company that has multi-chain parallel computing features. The company aims to solve the long pertaining scalability issue in the blockchain ecosystem.  The company however recently made a whooping acquisition. The company in an outstanding branding push purchased a million dollar name. No, the use of ‘a million’ is not merely an...

Biden Administration launches new website to bring separated families ‘together’


As of 17/09/2021 One of the many important issues on which the US Presidential Election 2020 had been fought was immigration. Trump during his presidential stint was pretty strict on immigration. I mean who can forget the Trump’s iconic wall?  However Trump’s strict immigration policy led to the separation of children from their families. While the children were kept under the US...

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