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Changes in the Dispute Resolution Policy of .tr


Turkey is going to change Domain Resolution Policies related to .tr domain names. The Information Communications and Technology Authority (ICTA) has proposed a Draft Communiqué on Dispute Resolution Mechanism. The Draft Communiqué has several new propositions as compared to the previous one. There were certain provisions regarding the eligibility of Dispute Resolution Service Providers (DRSP)...

.भ domain names are now available

New year has brought some very exciting news for the domain name industry. A new Top-level domain (TLD) has been launched in India. This new TLD has been named .भ. .भ represents the first letter of the term, Bharat, in the Devanagari script. Bharat is another name for the country of India in Devanagari. These new domain names have been launched by a Gurugram based start-up called ‘Agaamin’. ...

The legacy of J. W. Dant


Some stories are so interesting that you start thinking how a movie based on them would look like. Well, seldom do such feelings arise out of legal proceedings. However, a recent judgement could very confidently be described as an exception.  The story is of J. W. Dant. Dant used to distill bourbon in his own unique way. He later started selling ‘J. W. Dant- branded bourbon...

Gulf Power merged to Florida Power and Light company


Gulf Power, a company that has been in existence since 1925, was merged into Florida Power and Company. From 1st of January, Gulf Power would be officially called Florida Power and Light Company.  Following the name change, the original domain name of Gulf Power won’t be functional. Gulf Power used to function on the domain name The website is up on the domain name as of now...

What’s with the rush for .xyz in the Crypto companies?


.xyz is one of the most popular TLDs present today. In fact in the year 2021, among all other TLDs, .xyz was behind only .com. However, there has been a rise in the popularity of the extension among the Crypto and decentralized internet entities. Why’s so?  The reason behind this is the CEO of the company, as well as .xyz’s universal appeal. The CEO and Founder of .xyz was fascinated...

Cloudflare receives DMCA Subpoena to disclose domain name details


Cyber Scams are nasty aren’t they? What is more nasty is the fact that a very small percentage of perpetrators behind these scams actually get caught. But what if domain name registering agencies disclosed the identity of fraudulent domain name holders?  Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services Ltd. (DMCA) has handed a subpoena to Cloudflare regarding the disclosure of information...

Shopping bots using domain names as a refuge


Cybersecurity experts while examining a mass bot scam found something very interesting. They found out that a large number of bots were using a comparatively very small number of domain names. This implied a very high concentration of bots per domain name.  For around 850,000 fake bots/accounts, there were only around 1800 domain names. The experts analyzed that the perpetrators of the scam...

Court fines the operators of pirated domain name


A US court has fined the operators of a Ukraine based chain of piracy sites. The US Court for the Western District of Washington has decided against one Kiss Library for infringing upon the copyrighted products of the plaintiffs. The Plaintiffs were several writers, Penguin Random House LLC and Amazon Content Services LLC. Kiss Library operated through a network of malicious domain names. The...

Premium DNS Service by WebNIC


WebNIC has launched a new Premium DNS Service. This new service has certain novel features and is far better than the currently existing DNS Service in terms of speed, dependability and security. The new system comes with a network of servers spread across the globe. It is extremely reliable as compared to the old service. It comes with worldwide real time DNS propagation that would update every...

After the most popular domain name, TikTok also besieges the app space


In a recent post we talked about how TikTok dethroned Google as the most popular domain name in 2021. Now, after conquering the domain name space TikTok has also acquired the top spot amid the apps in 2021. A blog by apptopia discusses the Most Downloaded Apps in 2021. TikTok is ranked 1, with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram at successive places. The blog also discusses the most...

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