Okada Manila is now UE Resorts International

Okada Manila is one of the most popular resorts in the Philippines. Situated in Manila, the 42 acre campus along with the picturesque ocean view is just mesmerizing. 

The resort however recently announced that it is going to rebrand. It is going to adopt a new name of UE Resorts International. The name change has certainly been with an idea of expansion. The company wants to venture out to several others asian markets. Thus it chose a name that would go smoothly in other asian nations too. 

The company has even secured the new domain name UEResortsInternational.com. The company even has the domain name of the former name of Okada Manila. OkadaManila.com is with the company and is in fact the currently functioning primary domain name. The name UEResortsInternational.com redirects to OkadaManila.com.


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