Odin inspired Oddin.gg acquires an entity, renames it Jotun.gg

Norse-mythology plays a central character in the pop culture of today, thanks to Marvel’s contribution towards it. I mean who can forget Thor’s entries. It seems that this popular storyverse has now started to percolate into business infrastructure and financial ecosystem as well thanks to the fanboys all across. 

Oddin.gg is a B2B esports betting solutions provider. The company recently acquired the marketing platform Thousand Lives. 

Thousand Lives has gained proficiency in esports wagering. The acquisition will allow the esports section of the company to fully merge into Oddin.gg. The merger will further push the brand in media procurement, website integration and influencer campaigns. 

The interesting thing alongside this acquisition is the rebrand part. The acquired company has been renamed to Jotun.gg. If you couldn’t recall Jotun, you must remember Jotunheim, the dwelling place of the Frost Giants. The parent company, in line with its fanboyism towards Norse mythology, has made the change. 

Jotunheim was also the original home of Loki, before being adopted by Odin and becoming an Odinson. The renaming is an ode to that. We tried to reach the domain Jotun.gg, however it is not up yet and is unavailable. 

While researching for this news, we accidentally landed upon the domain Odin.gg. [We categorically state here that this domain name (Odin.gg)  has no relation to the above mentioned domain names (Oddin.gg and Jotun.gg) and company. ] The domain name Odin.gg shows a white background with only three letters and a full stop, etched in all black. It reads, “Loki was here. “.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    I’m also a big fan of Norse-mythology and all it’s characters are already very famous. So, having domain name of the Marvel characters is really a good investment regardless of the extension of the domain. There is also a recent news that Oddin.gg has appointed GRID to deepen the data capacity of its B2B esports solutions, products and data feeds for sports betting clients.
    The partnership will see Oddin.gg products and API feeds powered directly by data sourced from GRID Platform.

  2. Andrew Milo Avatar
    Andrew Milo

    It’s interesting to see the influence of Norse mythology on the gaming industry, as evidenced by the acquisition of an entity by oddin.gg and its rebranding to jotun.gg. This move could potentially bring attention to the organization and help it stand out in the crowded gaming market. It will be exciting to see how the company leverages this new brand and continues to innovate in the gaming space.

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