Oculus.com now redirects to Facebook Store

Earlier in January this year, Meta had announced the renaming of the popular VR brand Oculus Quest. The headgear brand had been then renamed to Meta Quest. The brand had been renamed, but the domain name Oculus.com was its last dominion. 

It appears now that the website at the platform has been changed. The domain name currently redirects to the Facebook Store, leading to a page selling Meta Quest gear. The website displays Meta’s logo with the tagline ‘Quest is Ready’. 

This marks the end of the once a popular independent company. Oculus was acquired by Facebook in March 2014. In 2018, the company ceased to be a subsidiary of Facebook and became one of its brands. Facebook partnered with several mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi to produce VR headgears. Facebook then started launching Oculus products on its own. 

The closing of the brand does not change much on the ground, but it does generate a kind of melancholic feeling. Oculus was once a budding firm that went to Kickstarter seeking $250,000. Instead, they received $2.4 million. And now it’s gone. 

That’s the way it goes. Perhaps.


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