Nikon warns about online scammers using fraudulent emails

Nikon has issued a warning about scammers trying to impersonate the brand. The warning stated that YouTube and Facebook users receive an email pretending to be from Nikon’s public relation team. The victims were asked to use Nikon’s product for their content creation and opportunities to avail their sponsorship.

The propelling force behind such scams is a fraudulent domain name. Scammers create multiple email addresses from a single domain name and lure their victims. While registering their domain names they make sure that the domain name is confusingly similar to some renowned brand. They would use the brand name with addition of one or two alphabets or register a name with a wrong spelling of the brand name. This confuses the victim as they mistake it for the original domain name and company.

In the warning Nikon also posted steps to prevent one from such scams. It stated some tips on how to identify if a domain name is genuine. Domain name having ‘https://’ or a SSL certificate was one. The presence of genuine contact details and the presence of a privacy policy are some things that increase the trustworthiness of a platform. The warning also mentioned certain red flags. Some of these were, the absence of the aforementioned features, an incorrect domain name or a single page platform with no links.

Before you visit any new website or click on an email, check for these signs. By following this protocol you can keep yourself and your company safe from such scams.


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