Next Acquires Cath Kidston and Closes Last Physical Stores: A New Chapter in the Digital Domain

In a significant move that marks the end of an era for Cath Kidston, the renowned fashion and homeware designer is bidding farewell to its last remaining physical stores this week. Following its fall into administration, Cath Kidston was acquired by Next in May. While the sale included the brand name, domain names, and intellectual property, the physical stores were not part of the package. With only four stores left after the closure of 60 branches in 2020, Cath Kidston is now taking a leap into the digital domain under Next’s stewardship.

The Floral Legacy of Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston holds a special place in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and interior design lovers alike. Renowned for its floral designs and vintage-style clothing and homeware, the brand first graced the British high street in 1993. Over the years, Cath Kidston has garnered a loyal following, attracting customers with its unique blend of nostalgic charm and contemporary style. As the closure of the remaining stores looms, eager customers have been flocking to take advantage of the impressive 70% off sales in both physical stores and on the brand’s website.

The Digital Transition: Cath Kidston in the Online Realm

As part of the brand’s new direction, the Cath Kidston website has undergone a transformation. Customers visiting the website are now seamlessly redirected to Next, where they can continue to purchase their favorite Cath Kidston items. However, one notable change accompanies this transition—the prices of Cath Kidston products are no longer discounted but have returned to their original prices through Next. While this shift may come as a surprise to some, it is a testament to Next’s commitment to preserving the brand’s value and ensuring its sustainable growth in the digital realm.

From Adversity to Reinvention: Cath Kidston’s Resilience

Cath Kidston’s journey has been one of resilience and reinvention. The brand, which was established in the early nineties, faced a significant setback when it fell into administration in April 2020, amid the tumultuous times of the Covid pandemic. This unfortunate turn of events resulted in the closure of all Cath Kidston stores in the UK, including the iconic Queens Arcade shop in Leeds. The closure of these physical stores marked the end of an era and paved the way for the brand’s transition into the digital age.

Next’s Vision for Cath Kidston: A New Dawn in the Digital Domain

The acquisition of Cath Kidston by Next has breathed new life into the beloved brand. With the brand name, domain names, and intellectual property securely in Next’s hands, the retailer is poised to reimagine Cath Kidston’s future in the digital landscape. By leveraging Next’s expertise in e-commerce and its established online platform, Cath Kidston aims to continue captivating customers with its timeless designs and enchanting aesthetic.

The Power of a Domain Name: Unlocking New Opportunities

The domain name holds immense significance in today’s digital age, serving as the gateway to online success for businesses across industries. For Cath Kidston, the acquisition of its domain names by Next opens up a world of opportunities. By seamlessly transitioning customers to the Next platform, the brand can tap into Next’s extensive customer base and leverage its robust infrastructure to enhance the online shopping experience for Cath Kidston enthusiasts. The domain name serves as the digital address where customers can continue to indulge in their love for Cath Kidston’s unique creations.

Embracing Change: Cath Kidston’s Journey Continues

While bidding farewell to the physical stores may evoke nostalgia for Cath Kidston aficionados, it also signals the dawn of an exciting new chapter. As Cath Kidston embarks on its digital journey under Next’s guidance, customers can look forward to the brand’s continued presence in the online realm. The acquisition and transition of the brand demonstrate the resilience of Cath Kidston and its ability to adapt to ever-changing consumer preferences. As we witness the final closure of the physical stores, let us raise a metaphorical toast to the enduring legacy of Cath Kidston and the boundless possibilities that await in the digital domain.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    The acquisition of Cath Kidston by NEXT and the closure of its physical stores mark a significant shift towards the digital domain in retail. NEXT’s move reflects changing consumer behavior and the importance of e-commerce. The acquisition presents an opportunity for Cath Kidston to revitalize its brand online and reach a wider audience. The news highlights the need for retailers to embrace omnichannel strategies and adapt to evolving customer expectations.

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