NexBloc announces two new dTLDs

After gTLDs (generic Top-level domains), nTLDs (new Top-level domains) and ccTLDs (country code Top-level domain), we have another TLD. This new TLD is called dTLD or decentralised Top-level Domain. 

More and more companies are adopting domain names based on the Blockchain. Amid this NexBloc has announced the launch of two new dTLDs as .nex and .artist.

The first extension does look a little related to the Company’s own name. This could also be used to assign different domain names to its subsidiaries. 

The second extension provides a way for arista to explore their art, interact with fans and to establish their brand. The dTLD could also be used as a token, facilitating crypto exchanges. 

Normal domain names are managed and controlled by ICANN. These domain names rest on the mercy of ICANN and different domain name registrar and registries. With the advent of blockchain, this vast dependence on ICANN and other institutions will fall. 

NexBloc aims to level this difference with new decentralised TLDs. dTLDs are not governed by any one entity and are thus truly centralised.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    NexBloc is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and decentralized ledger technology firm bringing the next internet generation with decentralized DNS at its center. It uses the Butterfly Protocol among other technology stacks in creating custom dDNS system deployments. NexBloc has partnered with and invested in blockchain and Web3 projects like XinFin, HYFI, NonceVC, Filecoin, Faber, Protocol Labs, Platoblockchain, Cherton Media, 5ire, and Arcade Network.

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