New laws make domain names easy for Koreans

Domain Names makes it easier for users to access their desired location. I mean, a familiar name is certainly easier than a seemingly random set of numerals. However, the system doesn’t have the same easing effect on non-English speakers. 

Koreans were facing similar problems. For most Koreans, the main language is Korean. Korean through its history has been mainly an oral language. However, evolved in the 15th century, Hangul is a writing system which has been used since to write the Korean language

The problem that Koreans had been facing was the disconnect between the domain names and Hangul. Korea has its ccTLD as .kr. Besides that, the second level domain names have been mostly in English

As reported by Korea JoongAng Daily, users had to rely on googling the native terms to reach the domain name. As illustrated through the example of Cheongwadae. Cheongwadae means The Blue House, which is the executive office as well as the residence of the President. To access that, people had to Google the term and could then go to the address of

However the Korea Internet Security Agency which is also responsible for the extension .kr has made certain changes. The domain names can be now registered with Korean characters. This will allow people not so familiar with English language can also access country’s domain names smoothly. As in the case of the Blue House, the domain name can now be reached through entering Cheongwadae.hankuk.


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