Namify’s new Business Name Generator tool can be a game changer in Trademark safety


You know what’s the most irritating thing while starting a business? After getting your company established, getting it up and running you find out that the name you selected is registered by some already existing entity. All of your ambitions around your dream company gets disturbed over this little silly loophole.

What is even more terrible is the approach of most of the companies towards this problem of trademark collision. There are several companies in the market providing different names for domain registration. There are several features in them that suggest the perfect company name for you as well. But they never discuss the trademark availability of the suggested name. Many times the name suggested by them is itself violative of trademark registered by someone else.

Amid this chaos of several possible trademark conflicts, sometimes even indirectly facilitated  by domain name registrars, Namify’s new tool can be a shining light of order. Namify’s new Business Generation Tool has a unique feature where every suggested name that is generated goes through a check across the jurisdictions of the USA and the European Union. 

The whole process of finding a name, registering the respective domain names, finding the possible availability, if any, of registered trademarks related to the name across several countries and then finally building a brand over it, can be a cumbersome process for early business starters. Namify’s new Business Generation Tool can thus be a huge sigh of relief. The perfect cherry on Namify’s Business Generation cake comes as its free Logo service. Yes, for every registered name, Namify provides a free Logo!

The ease that would be accorded to Namify’s users is pretty glaring. First, all of the time and energy wasted on checking the availability of trademarks would be saved. A free logo to kickstart your long hidden dream is given as well. However, perhaps the most important unseen product of the feature is a little real life exposure that the service gives. In the real world trademark protection, logo and branding are essential, and not mere fancy additions to providing the perfect service or product. Young entrepreneurs sometimes lack the awareness regarding these aspects. Namify’s new product could certainly comprehend that gap.

Namify is a new service that was introduced by the revolutionary domain name company Radix Domains. The company aims to provide a wholesome experience to the new business entrants with the introduction of some interesting TLDs which Radix calls new TLDs or nTLDs. Namify’s trademark search tool currently checks in the USA and the European Union. However, the scope of the service will increase gradually as well.

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