Name change of a Major League Baseball team threatens this roller derby team

Cleveland Indians is one of the prominent baseball teams that plays in Major League Baseball. The team has however announced that after the end of the 2021 season, they are going to change their name. They will be transitioning to the new name of Cleveland Guardians

This name change has brought a nightmare to a little known Cleveland team of another sport. The problem is that there is already a Cleveland Guardians team. Roller Derby is a game played by teams of two on roller skates. The game is predominantly played in the US. There is a roller derby team in Cleveland known as Cleveland Guardians. Their name and recognition is threatened by the name change of Cleveland Indians. 

The roller derby teams even own the domain name The original team fears that if the major baseball team acquires the name, it would be virtually impossible to get any news related to them. Any news related to the roller team would be blown away compared to the storm of news always associated with the baseball team. 

In fact the Indians even contacted the original Guardians but the price offered was very low and an agreement couldn’t be established. The roller derby team is a not-for-profit team and is naturally scared. They have approached the court now.


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