More than 250 Crypto addresses blocked

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap has blocked more than 250 crypto addresses. All of the blocked addresses were indulged in different illegal activities.

The blocked list includes those who were either blocked by the government or indulged in stealing money. The addresses blocked by the government were related to a privacy tool named Tornado Cash. The tool was blocked by the US Government for corruption and its allegiance with North Korea.

However, there has been some criticism of the blocking as well. As many as 30 ENS domains were included as well in the blocked list. Many are claiming that the blocking has been arbitrary and is merely a gimmick.

According to a Twitter Post, there was a picture with a graph showing different blocked addresses accused of different kinds of crime. The user pointed out that a singular crypto address was attached to multiple kinds of crime. The user asked how can a single account be related to such diversified criminal activities and the frequency of such accounts?

Although on a large scale this won’t change much in the blockchain environment. These blocked contacts can continue to use Uniswap’s smart contracts. However they won’t be able to access Uniswap outside of blockchain, i.e. they can’t access Uniswap’s website.


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