More than 1.05 billion internet users in China

China Internet Network Information Center has presented a report on China’s Internet Development. The report presents an ever increasing sphere of internet inclusion in China.

The number of people using the internet in China rose by 19.19 million from the previous year to reach a figure of 1.05 billion! In terms of percentage, 74.4% of people in China have access to an internet connection, up by 1.4%.

A big contributor to the increasing internet users in China recently, has been short video service platforms. The users of short videos increased to 962 million, a jump of 28 million. In terms of popularity, Chatting apps are at the top with an engagement of 1.03 billion internet users. Online news and live streaming services attracted 788 million and 716 million people respectively.

China has worked hard to increase its Internet penetration in recent years. 1.85 million 5G base stations have been deployed. Even the rural penetration of the internet increased with a 58.8% accessibility.

Even in terms of domain names China is huge. It has 33.8 million domain names registered with it currently.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    China’s usage growth has primarily been driven by an increase in people watching short-form videos, signaling a shift in internet engagement. Internet users have broadly migrated away from text and still images to focus on videos and mobile-friendly content.

    China also provides free internet at many places. Airports and big train stations in China that most travelers go to provide free Wi-Fi connection. But the free Wi-Fi is only available for Chinese phone cards.

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