More and more Churches are adopting .Church domain names

More and more entities are joining the online sphere. No longer is it a luxury, it has transformed into a necessity now. Churches are no different. A lot of them engage online, however an encouraging news is the brand awareness among them when the web space is concerned. An increasing number of churches are registering .church domain names.

Outreach 100 is an online platform that ranks different churches. Identity Digital recently announced that 1 in 3 churches mentioned in Outreach 100, use a .church domain name. This is exciting news for the churches as well as the .church domain space.

The number of churches joining the extension shows how knowledgeable the masses have become of online branding. The awareness of choosing the right TLD, that gives additional meaning and specificity to a domain name. The awareness of moving away from the conventional crowd of using a .com.

This is also good news for .church extension. More and more churches are joining the TLD, showing the brand’s commitment towards serving the church with an optimum and efficient mode of communication with their disciples. 

The churches were slowly and organically adopting the digital space. But with the advent of the pandemic this adoption rate accelerated. Being online was the only medium to connect with the followers.

People search about spiritual and philosophical questions a lot. The search count is in millions. Even common searches like ‘churches near me’ renders over 823,000 searches per month on Google.

So, there is another benefit of adopting a .church domain. When you use a .church domain name, there is an increased probability of getting ranked ahead of another church with a .com or a .org domain name.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    Available since 2014, . church is an unrestricted generic domain extension that is favored by many religious institutions. Although any group or individual can claim this extension, it quickly helps to identify your organization as a place of worship and also makes it easier for your followers to locate your website.

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