Microsoft seizes several domain names related to Ukraine Crisis

The tragic war between Russia and Ukraine has been getting worse. As the war continues, the hostilities are getting worse and worse. The West continues to target Russia with their economic strongholds. Microsoft too has taken swift action against several domain names related to the crisis. 

Microsoft has announced that it has seized 7 domain names controlled by a Russian organization called Strontium. The group is a hacking entity that works closely with the Russian Government and targets potential adversaries such as the European Union, the United States of America and Ukraine. In a blog post Microsoft announced that this is not the first time it has taken action against the hacking group. It has established a rapid legal process that allows it to contain malicious domain names quickly. Applying this procedure, it has acted as much as 15 times against the group and brought down more than 100 different domain names. 

The group is also known as APT28 and is commonly referred to as the Fancy Bear. It has ties with the Russian Military Intelligence Agency GRU. There are many claims of the group targeting the US Elections in 2016 as well as 2020.

The crisis in the Ukraine has also become a stage for the rebirth of the politics of the Cold War era. With Russian sites censored, there have been many claims that only one side of the narrative is presented in front of everyone. However, both sides are now engaging in propaganda to bolster their view of the current situation. 

Finding the correct narrative can be subjective as well as muddy at the same time. We pray for the speedy de-escalation of the violence and loss of human lives.
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