McDonald’s replacement in Russia launches new Logo

In an earlier post, we had talked about how McDonald’s was leaving the Russian market due to the ongoing tension. The popular restaurant chain sold over 850 restaurants in the country. 

The restaurants were acquired by one of McDonald’s local licensee Alexander Govor at an undisclosed amount. The name of the new company that will be built over the remains of McDonald’s hasn’t been decided. However, numerous names such as My Burger, Tot Samyi, Svobodnaya Kassa, etc are being proposed. 

Although a name hasn’t been finalized yet, the company is keen to launch the restaurants, initially at a low scale. The rebranded company will begin functioning with 15 restaurants, all based in Moscow. The launch will take place on Russia Day, at the same place McDonald’s was initially launched three decades ago. 

Ahead of the launch the company has released a new logo. The logo consists of a green background. Over it, there is a red circle shape with two tilted orange figures next to it. The circle represents a burger while the orange figures represent French fries. The green background represents the quality of the products as well as customer satisfaction associated with them. 

The burger got divided opinions with several claiming the new logo similar to McDonald’s. The logo was said to be appearing very similar to the letter ‘M’, a reminder of the legacy of the previous owner. People also lightheartedly pointed out the similarity between the logo and flag of Bangladesh. The red circle and the green background being the key commonality. 

However, criticizing the new logo on the virtue of its similarity with McD won’t be fair considering that the association is not a secret. People are aware of the past and it’s not that the acquired restaurants are doing something polar opposite of the previous company.

Instead of taking the history as a burden the company seeks to usher a new beginning with keeping history in the right perspective. However, McDonald’s departure from Russian land would take a definitive toll on the inclusive and progressive environment of Moscow.


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    While Russian authorities have stated that McDonald’s can buy back its business within 15 years, Grovor disagrees, claiming that the fast-food giant has no intention to do the same.
    The rebranded firm aims to open about a 1000 locations across Russia in the four to five years, expanding from the 850 under McDonald’s.

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