Maserati launches

Who hasn’t wished in their loftiest dreams to own a Maserati. The stylish beast racing at you and when it gets close you could see the legendary Trident. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had vouched for this to happen. 

Although, buying a Maserati is still a long road currently for me, there is something that people like me can cherish upon. Maserati has just launched their new website at And the website is just like the car, sleek and stylish. 

The website showcases stunning visuals of the magnificent beast. There is a special mention of  two of the company’s models: MC20 Cielo and Folgore. Folgore being the brand’s electric representative.

There has also been focus on the company’s two popular programs. The first being Fuoriserie. It is a personalisation and customisation of the car according to the customer’s desire. This program is quite common in luxury car companies. The second program that the website mentions is Master Maserati. It is a driving program that allows one person to drive like a professional. The reason behind such programs is that normal drivers aren’t adapted to the high powered engines of these powerful automobiles. To adjust the driver for a seamless Maserati experience, such processes are required.

The website is divided into three sections: Models, Brand and Ownership. As the names suggest these sections talk about different aspects of the companies with different subsections in it. The most interesting section among all is the Models section. Here, we can explore all the models Maserati has up for sale and can choose our Car Dream. 

To take a visit to Maserati’s website, click here.


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