As of 06/04/2021, the platform where users can play lottery online has done something huge. The online gambling website announced that it has acquired the domain name Considering the potential of this domain name, can leave a huge impact on the whole sports industry. Especially the Sports wagering industry.

Gambling is restricted in the US and it is only after a state sanction that is allowed to operate in any state. was looking to expand. Sports gaming and wagering industry seems like the perfect match for the transition and expansion. The betting website aims at capitalizing the increasing interest in sports wagering and dominate the sports betting industry through this premium domain name acquisition.

Although, if operates in any state does not mean that will operate there too. It depends upon the specific regulations of the states. The same goes for other countries too. However places where sports betting is allowed will most likely allow has also been working towards giving charitable donations a push through their website. 

Just last week got listed as a public company and entered NASDAQ. Clearly the website is going through a lot of change and progress. And considering their acquisition it won’t be an understatement to say the sports industry would too.


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