Loser.com’s homage to Putin

Loser.com is a very interesting domain name. The domain isn’t used for commercial and service purposes. Rather, it is used to criticize and condemn popular personalities that the  registrant finds displeasing. 

The domain name as of now, is redirected towards the Wikipedia page of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Exact date of this redirection wasn’t found, but it was noted that the redirection didn’t begin until the crisis started. 

This isn’t the first time the registrant has used the domain name in this way. Many celebrities including Kanye West have also been under the scanner of  Loser.com.

As the war continues, Putin is losing more and more support throughout the world. Hope, this tragic situation ends and things revert back to peaceful times. 


  1. David Blake Avatar
    David Blake

    The Loser.com domain name was registered in 1995 by Brian Connelly. It is a domain name that has existed as a URL redirect to several different web pages during most of its existence. The domain name gained mainstream coverage in March 2015, when it redirected to the English Wikipedia entry for American rapper Kanye West.

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