Leonardo Dicaprio gets his domain name back

Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio allowed his domain name LeonardoDicaprio.org to lapse, but it’s good to hear that he was able to recover it through the UDRP process. This case serves as a valuable lesson for other trademark owners to be diligent about renewing their domain names and monitoring their online presence.

Mr. DiCaprio is a well known name so there is no surprise regarding the outcome of the case. The case was decided in his favour. This was further established as the Respondent failed to reply.

The domain name was lapsed after which it was acquired by the Respondent in an auction. However, Mr. Caprio’s counsel was quick to respond, resulting in this UDRP case.

If you want to read the bare facts of the case, you can click here.

Mr. Dicaprio’s Arguments

Mr. DiCaprio argued that he had established rights in the LEONARDO DICAPRIO trademark through his use in commerce since 1998 and registration of the mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He likely also argued that his previous ownership and use of the LeonardoDicaprio.org> domain name demonstrated his legitimate interest in the domain name and that the cybersquatter’s purchase and use of the domain name was done in bad faith to disrupt his business and divert customers for commercial gain.

Based on the UDRP decision’s findings, it appears that DiCaprio was successful in making these arguments and was able to recover the LeonardoDicaprio.org domain name through the UDRP process.


One of the key takeaways from this case is the importance of trademark owners being proactive in protecting their intellectual property. In this case, DiCaprio had registered the domain name back in 1998, which was a smart move. However, he failed to renew it, and that mistake allowed a cybersquatter to swoop in and take over the domain.

Trademark owners should make sure to renew their domain names in a timely manner and monitor their online presence regularly to prevent infringement. They should also consider registering variations of their domain names and trademarks to prevent others from capitalising on their brand.

Another important lesson is the value of the UDRP process in resolving domain name disputes. The UDRP provides a streamlined, cost-effective way for trademark owners to recover domain names that have been registered by cybersquatters or other bad actors. By filing a UDRP complaint, trademark owners can seek to have the domain transferred back to them without having to go to court.

Overall, the DiCaprio case is a reminder that trademark owners need to be vigilant in protecting their intellectual property and that the UDRP process can be a valuable tool in resolving domain name disputes.


  1. Larry Colt Avatar
    Larry Colt

    This article serves as a useful reminder about the importance of trademark owners being diligent about renewing their domain names and monitoring their online presence. It is crucial for domain owners to renew their domain names in a timely manner to prevent cybersquatters or other bad actors from taking over the domain. This case of Leonardo DiCaprio is a great example of how trademark owners can recover their domain names through the UDRP process, which can be a cost-effective and streamlined way to resolve domain name disputes. As a domain seller, it is important to educate clients about the importance of protecting their intellectual property and utilizing tools like the UDRP process to safeguard their brand.

  2. Arthur Blake Avatar
    Arthur Blake

    It’s great news that Leonardo DiCaprio has regained control of his domain name. Domain name squatting can be a frustrating and costly issue for individuals and businesses alike, and it’s good to see that Mr. DiCaprio was able to reclaim his rightful online identity. This case serves as a reminder for all individuals and organizations to protect their online presence and take steps to prevent domain name hijacking.

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