Legislation to curb Domain Names from selling illegal drugs online introduced in the US

A bill was introduced in the US to stop Domain Names from selling illegal drugs. The bill was introduced by senators Amy Klobuchar and Marco Rubio. The name of the legislation is also very interesting with it being called Domain Reform for Unlawful Drugs Sellers Act a.k.a. DRUGS

The bill aims at curbing the increasing number of fake, non-genuine and illegal drugs being sold online. These domain names are not always authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration, although the users might think so. The new legislation gives the power to FDA to suspend such fraudulent domain names. 

However, there is also a negative side of the legislation. Although, the pandemic fueled the demand of buying stuff online, this is not the only reason why people choose to buy drugs online. The medical expenses in the US are very high. The prices of the drugs are high too. To cut in the costs, people choose online stores. This practice is a big loss maker for all the big pharmaceutical companies. Some say, the big pharma companies are behind the legislation. 

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